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EP 13 | Freeing yourself and your business from others' expectations with

EP 13 | Freeing yourself and your business from others' expectations with

Renee Bull is an online Helpful Digital Marketer. She teaches online businesses how to use Facebook and Instagram advertising to increase sales and profits. Her ultimate profession is to be a flight attendant, but choose to do digital marketing and helping business owners in finding the most cost-effective approach to increase sales and profits.

“If you take the time to learn what your business requires, you will not be in a position of desperation” Renee Said.

Renee's and her brother's lives are changed as a result of Facebook and Instagram advertising. It teaches you how to effectively expand your business. She started from scratch and wasn’t expecting that it will be blown up and make her successful more. She was able to run her own business and have people working to her to manage her business.

This dedication and determination of being an entrepreneur never let you down, if you really want something to achieve for your life. Renee doesn’t have a properly training of these doings, she learns it by herself and continue working it as a process, but never expected that this business turn profits to 6 Figures a month. 

Always trust yourself, the skills that you have, and trust the process, it will take time to get there, but it’s all worth it at the end if you really want to achieve the dream that you want, don’t lost it.





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Sanity and Success Newsletter
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